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StudentSuccess (MVC TEST)

Office for Student Success Texas A&M University Office for Student Success

Your First Six Weeks

Before the Semester Begins... 

  1. Attend to New Student Conference 

    Make sure you've registered for or attended your New Student Conference.
  2. Find a comfortable living arrangement.

    Find a place to live and get creative. If you're interested in on campus housing check out information on residential life at TAMU. If you want to live off campus, try off campusCity of College Station affordable housing, and social media. 
  3. Buy a Parking Pass if you plan on parking at any time, even at night.

    Before you buy a parking pass, read the assignment process here to get a better understanding of how parking works on campus. Find a lot or garage that will work for you by looking at the parking maps.  Think of all the reasons that you might have to remain on campus. 
  4. If you plan on riding the bus here is the bus map.

    You don't have to park on campus! Check out the bus map here and find a route near you to take to and from class.  
  5. Make sure that your final transcript is sent to A&M

    Sometimes you need to send and updated transcripts to the University if you got accepted while you were still completing coursework at your old institution. Make sure that this applies to you, and you can find the information on sending transcripts here
  6. Tuition Payment

    Don't forget your final tuition due date. Make sure that your financial aid is taken care of or sign up to pay your tuition payments before then.  If you are waiting for scholarship money or financial aid to come through by the due date, you have options

Your First Six Weeks | Fall

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Your First Six Weeks